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  125 training is for people aged 17 and over who have successfully completed CBT and wish to prepare for their practical motorcycle test riding a geared or twist-and-go machine.

You must take and pass the DSA motorcycle theory test prior to taking your practical tests. Even if you are already a car driver you will need to take the motorcycle theory test.

For the practical tests you must have a licence that gives provisional entitlement for motorcycles, a theory pass certificate, a CBT certificate and to take the Module 2 test you must have a pass certificate from Module 1.

Until you have passed your practical tests you are NOT allowed on motorways and NOT allowed to carry passengers. You are required to display L plates on your machine at all times.

Once you have passed your practical tests you will be restricted to riding machines with engine output power not exceeding 25kW for a period of two years. After that time period you may ride any machine.

If you take your motorcycle test on a twist-and-go machine you will be restricted to this type of motorcycle unless you take another test. Few people take their test on this type of machine because of the type restriction.

125 training is priced per hour, our suggested minimum is 2 hours.