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  Accelerated Access is for people who already hold a full Category A motorcycle licence and are still within the two year 25kW power restriction period but will reach 21 years of age within that two years. They can gain faster access to higher powered machines by opting to take another motorcycle test after completing essentially the same training as for Direct Access. For Accelerated Access you must use a machine with power output above 35kW.

You can practice for your test on a higher powered motorcycle provided you are accompanied at all times by an authorised Direct Access instructor who is riding another motorcycle and is giving you instruction by radio. You must display L plates and wear high visibility clothing.

For the practical test you must have a licence that gives full entitlement for Category A machines, You are not required to take the theory test or CBT again for Accelerated Access but you will be required to re-take both Module 1 and Module 2 tests on the higher powered machine.

Although you revert to learner status when practicing you will not loose your existing motorcycle entitlement if you fail the test.

We have hire machines for Accelerated Access. Accelerated Access intensive courses are normally 2 days.