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"An experienced rider is not necessarily a skilful rider, since experience alone does not ensure the development of skills fundamental to safe riding"

There is no legal requirement for additional training after passing your motorcycle test. Unfortunately this means you could ride for 50 years and never improve on your standard from the day you passed your test. The reality of preparing for and passing the motorcycle test is that you learn only what is necessary to pass the test.

If we recognise that we are not perfect riders and often make mistakes, then we are nearer to taking the positive steps needed towards safer riding. Many riders take advanced training, some also opt to take the IAM test. These riders wish to improve their motorcycling skills and take responsibility for their riding attitude.

Statistics show that people who take and pass IAM tests have a 50 per cent lower accident rate than others and a conviction rate for traffic offences 5 times lower. These statistics reflect the fact that most "accidents" are in fact driver error. IAM members can also benefit from cheaper insurance. Our advanced training can be for personal skills development or in preparation for the IAM test.

For many years there was only one group of riders who received any advanced training, and that was the police motorcyclist. We offer civilian riders the training given to probably the best riders in the world. There is no comparison to this. Taught by professional riders in a professional way giving a professional result; safety for life. We use the bible of the police rider, "Motorcycle Roadcraft", for the basis of our advanced training.

PRIDE is about safety and whilst theory is an inevitable part of any training, every effort is made to keep it to the absolute minimum. Our advanced instruction includes machine set up, machine handling, positioning for safety, positioning for view, collision avoidance and cornering techniques.

We have developed a curriculum based on world wide research into motorcycle training and have produced a package based upon the police system of riding adapted to take into account the modern design of the motorcycle, changes in technology and changing traffic conditions.

"The trained rider will not only ride safer faster, but will enjoy their motorcycle at a higher level"

Advanced training is priced per hour, suggested minimum 3 hours.