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  All provisional licence holders MUST successfully complete CBT before riding a motorcycle or moped unsupervised on the road. CBT is a one day course designed to equip you with basic machine handling and road awareness skills. The CBT course is based on a six hour day and follows a syllabus that is set by the DSA.

Passing CBT does NOT allow the carrying of passengers under any circumstances and you are NOT allowed on motorways.

At age 16 you can only ride a moped, a machine with an engine no larger than 50cc; it can be either geared or twist-and-go.

At age 17 and above you may ride a machine of up to 125cc, again either geared or twist-and-go.

You may take CBT on either a twist-and-go or geared machine subject to the above age and engine capacity regulations. If you take CBT at age 16 on a 50cc twist-and-go the same CBT certificate will cover you from age 17 for machines of either type up to the maximum of 125cc.

For CBT you must already have a provisional motorcycle licence, or a licence which gives provisional entitlement (see Licences for more info). You may use your own machine but it must be roadworthy, have a valid MOT certificate (if applicable), display a current road fund licence, be insured and display L plates. We will need to check these items at the start of your CBT day so please bring your documents with you.

Alternatively you can hire one of our twist-and-go mopeds or 125cc geared machines, subject to your age/licence. We can also provide a helmet and protective clothing if you do not have your own. We do not charge for helmets or clothing.

We strongly suggest you read the Highway Code before attending for CBT. You also need to ensure that your eyesight meets the legal minimum standard. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses to achieve this then they must be worn at all times when riding. The minimum standard is to read a car number plate at 20.5 metres.

CBT certificates are valid for two years from the date of issue. You will need to re-take CBT if you do not pass a motorcycle or moped test before your CBT certificate expires and you still wish to ride on the road.

If you passed your car driving test after 1st Feb 2001 and then take CBT your certificate remains valid for the duration of your licence. You may then ride a moped without L plates. If you took your car test prior to Feb 2001 you are entitled to ride a moped without L plates and do not need CBT, though we recommend you take the course.

CBT is a fixed price course, machine hire is extra.