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Our training is based on a 6 hour day, CBT may take longer depending on trainee numbers and rider ability; the day starts at 9 a.m.

CBT is a continuous day with a lunch break before our second classroom session. We advise people attending for CBT to bring their own refreshments.

Make sure you have money for fuel if using your own machine. All training MUST be pre-booked as numbers are limited. If you are unable to attend for booked training please notify us as soon as possible.

Direct and Accelerated Access days are 5 hours but split into two sessions with a short lunch break normally back at PRIDE's classroom, so again it is best to bring lunch with you.

Please bring your own helmet and clothing if they have them, trainees are welcome to leave helmets and clothing with us overnight. Please bring warm clothing during autumn/winter and suitable footwear for the possibility of wet weather.

Advanced courses normally begin with a classroom theory session before going on-road, trainees use their own machines, clothing, helmets etc but the same applies for food as CBT and DAS. Start times can be set to suit the trainee but are normally the same as CBT and DAS.

Tea and coffee facilities are on hand in the classroom, other beverages will need to be supplied by you if required.

If you are having a pre-test warm-up, for 125 or DAS, please ensure you have all necessary documents with you, that is 2 part licence or paper licence and photo ID, theory test pass certificate, Module 1 pass certificate and CBT certificate. If using your own machine for 125 or DAS then it may be advisable to have vehicle documents with you, MOT (if applicable), insurance certificate and make sure the vehicle has a current tax disc displayed.